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INDIAN FOREVER - project by Barthélémy Grossmann

Creation of web design pages and online shop for a global project by Swiss artist Barthélémy Grossmann - "Indian Forever".


Indian Forever is an art work composed of 10,000 original drawings, signed and numbered by the artist. 10 books will be published, reuniting all the drawings, each volume will incorporate 1,000 Indians. Today, you have the possibility to own a part of this monumental project, which will be shared globally.


The character of Indian which appears a lot in work of Barthélémy Grossmann represents the difference in an era which is becoming more and more homogeneous. It is the symbol of connection to nature, the only number possible for the well-being of humanity. With characters of Indians, the artist wishes to remind everyone of the warrior which is dormant in him. This character highlights some of the key values of the artist like integrity, respect for those around him, all on his life path and his career path. Ultimately, his desire is to bring characters of Indians in homes of people around the world and to give them strength and courage.

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