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“Creativity is not just for the worlds of art, music, & literature. Areas such as finance, science, medicine, law are the best places to inject creative and critical thinking.” 


Katya Kaftanova is a Swiss graphic designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. After studying Visual Communication at the Geneva University of Art and Design HEAD, she has gained valuable work experience in Switzerland, Russia and South Africa. 


Working on commissioned projects for Swiss and international clients, KK provides graphic design and visual art services. Within this, Katya's focus lies in visual identity, corporate promotional materials and custom art and design work. Katya has a vast experience in designing for fields of art, culture, architecture and commerce. Besides working with clients on private projects Katya actively engages in education of future generation of designers and artists. She believes that through such collaborative research and work, young creatives can design the next chapter of their lives, with a clear authentic alignment. Today KK aims at new productions within fields of design and art, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty. 


Clients & Partners

Nasha Gazeta (CH), Chopard (CH), Coutts & Co Ltd. (CH), Find Heli (CH), GL Asset Management (CH), Aero club de Geneve (CH), Geo Finance (RUS), Eve La Vie (CH), E5-Portfolio (CH), Vigneron Encaveur (CH), Biogen (CH), Burts Paradise (SA), L&S Granite (SA), Nierra Group (RUS), Swiss Time Tea (CH), D10 Art Gallery (CH), ID Room Gallery (CH), Iko Poran (BR), NNSC Charity (NE)