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Montreux Jazz Festival / Poster competition

Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the biggest events in Switzerland. This year was the second year organizers have launched a competition for the official poster of the event.


The theme for this year was "Restart" which was chosen because of the Covid-19 difficult year. I have created my art work based on a covid-19 distance guidelines we had to follow. These characters were drawn on wood oval blocks, which portray personal space. The composition is sending a message to the viewers that our interactions will become less constrained and we would get back the opportunity to meet new people in events such as Montreux Jazz Festival. These characters are colorful, friendly, amusing just like type of people we meet at music events. They can be later used for festival goodies, like pins, prints on mugs, shirts and any memory souvenir from festival. The grass background was chosen for the summer spirit of the event. The main idea is to transmit the light, peaceful, eventful, awesome vibe of the yearly Switzerland event - Montreux Jazz Festival.

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